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Who Will Be The Lucky Winner of A Signed Copy of “Torn”?

Who Will Be The Lucky Winner of the June 1st – July 1st Giveaway!! One lucky winner will get a signed copy of “Torn: Beneath the Shadows of Evil” (Second book in the series). The next book in the trilogy comes out on July 1st; you can collect them all. Enter to win on my Facebook fan page; not my personal page. There is a Rafflecopter widget I put up there now for contests. The first one starts this Saturday, June 1st. Good luck on the contest and we’ll see who the lucky winner is on July 1st!

Illegal Pirating

The following website has stolen my books. They have some long disclaimer about how I need to prove that the files belong to me and blah, blah, blah. They say I must accept attorney fees if it cost them anything to defend themselves for having pirated books downloadable for their site. Please stand up for writers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into their books. The time I spend writing is joyous, but it is also hard work. My stories come from my heart and soul. Email this site and tell them what they are doing is wrong, and spread the word! If we bombard them with email we just may get them to stop their piracy and illegal downloads of copyrighted material. http://knowingjunkie.com Tell them what they are doing is outrageous. stand up for writers!