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Figging In The Dungeon 19 comments

It’s that time again for the Dungeon Crawl. Let’s get crawling! What do you get when you take one set of cotton split bloomers, a camisole, a sturdy rattan cane or birch bundle, and a freshly peeled knob of ginger for figging? Why Victorian role play of course. Role playing Victorian can be a delightfully kinky scene that involves funishment of a few different kinds. I always use my canes, have my submissive wear the pretty frilly set of split bloomers and camisole, and use figging as part of the ‘punishment’. The bloomers can be bought on Ebay. They are slit from front to back and are essentially two piece that are held together by a ribbon. They can be spread wide for a number of different fun and games. I like to use anal sex as part of the funishment. In the scene I like the Victorian young lady has been […]

Peeled Ginger Root

The Juicer

Did Someone Say Anal? 4 comments

Did Someone Say Anal? It seems that the demand for information about play that includes anything anal is quickly growing. Anal sex and all things related to anal play is the last frontier for some and the oh so naughty addition of something kind of kinky for others. Regardless of the why, the hunger for facts is out there and so I will discuss the types of anal play and toys. This article will be written from a woman’s point of view and feeling. I don’t know much about the whole stimulating the prostate. Other than that aspect, I would think the basics still apply. Safety first: Make sure whatever you are deciding to use to insert into the anus has a flanged end. If something slips all the way inside, it can be very hard to get it back out without the aide of medical help. I prefer a […]