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The End of the Trilogy is Almost Here 1 comment

She was to be used and discarded, but fate had other ideas. He was to be feared and despised for all of time, but destiny wouldn’t allow it. He never intended to care for her. She never intended to forgive him. Now the evil his past created, threatens their fragile bond. She will kill to protect her family. He will do anything to save the love he can once more feel. Who will win in the war between the horrors of his past and the promise of their future?               Can their love survive the evil he wrought for a hundred years? Can love and goodness overcome terror and hate? Evil means to destroy their happiness. Can a love that is so fragile survive? Who will triumph when darkness once again comes to call? The final battle unfolds in Treasured… Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book Three Taken… Beneath the […]

BDSM For Dummies or BDSM Made Simple 4 comments

A friend of mine (Thanks Sunny) posted a link to this article over on Facebook. It is an excellent guide for new submissives. This is a must read so you are well armed when you meet a new dominant either online or preparing to meet them in person. A high percentage of online Doms are fakes. This guide will help you weed through the pretenders and save you some heartache. The author is listed as unknown, but the blog looks like an excellent place for information. BDSM For Dummies; BDSM Made Simple My thanks to Sunny Megatron for steering me to this blog. I also suggest looking Sunny up on Facebook. She posts excellent information that includes sexual well being, things that are just plain funny, how to’s for BDSM and sex, and the schedule for events she hosts. She is knowledgeable and funny in person and does a great job teaching live about BDSM. We […]

A Quick Quote from Elizabeth’s Destiny. Free Promo Days 6/8 and 6/9

Here’s a quick quote to wet your appetite. I will be running a free promo for Elizabeth’s Destiny on 6/8 and 6/9 “So sweet. I’m going to greatly enjoy your lessons, luv. Such a beauty and all mine, at least for the time being. You’re going to show me every bit of that sass and fire pet, and I’m going to teach you how to put it to good use with a little help from my riding crop.” Click here for a free download beginning 6/8/13

Take a Peek at My Kinky Historical Romance

Do you like a bit of history with your kinky erotic romance? Purchase Elizabeth’s Destiny from Amazon here   “Elizabeth’s Destiny”. Maxwell stalked around the edge of the pool like a panther, sleek body moving with cat like grace, ready to spring on his prey. Everywhere Beth turned, he cut off her escape, quickly and efficiently by merely walking around and around. She went to the center, knowing she was trapped, shaking her head, splashing water at him in desperation. Maxwell sneered at her futile attempts to fend him off, and scooped up a sponge and some soap. He jumped in, ignoring the water she splashed his way, dropping the things he carried so he could wrap his arms around her and crush her body to his. Maxwell managed to get one arm around her before she turned into a wildcat in his embrace. Now Beth was the predator and Maxwell […]

Who Will Be The Lucky Winners of the June 1st – July 1st “Beneath the Shadows of Evil” Giveaway?

Who Will Be the Lucky Winners? Who Will Be The Lucky Winners of the June 1st – July 1st Giveaway!! One lucky winner will get a signed copy of “Taken: Beneath the Shadows of Evil, another lucky winner will get a signed copy of “Torn: Beneath the Shadows of Evil. The next book in the trilogy comes out on July 1st, and the third winner gets a gifted Kindle version of “Treasured”, the last book in the series. Good luck on the contest!! Just click on the Giveaway tab on my fan page to use the Rafflecopter wigit to enter. You can enter as many times as you want I believe.

What Do You Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Share Your Kink? 11 comments

  What Do You Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Share Your Kink?   The big question that people with kinky desires often have is how to tell their partner that they want to try something out of the norm. What the hell do you do when you have all these fantasies that are considered kinky? Often when people finally embrace their kinky selves, it occupies their minds night and day to the point of distraction, and you find yourself obsessed with something that you want so badly but don’t know what your partner would think if they knew. Do you bring up the subject hoping your partner will respond in a positive way or keep things to yourself because you are afraid your partner will be freaked out by your desires? There are no easy answers to these questions, and for most of us who are older and actively kinky, […]

When Your Partner is Vanilla 1 comment

The question often comes up about how to tell your partner that you are kinky or that you want to try some type of kink. Many suffer in silence as they attempt to douse their kinky side, many begin secret online relationships or try to feed their needs by reading or watching kink. Many get involved in the kink community in secret, but only a few get up the nerve to begin a conversation with their significant other. So later on this weekend I will address how to begin the conversation, as well as share some personal stories dealing with this topic. If you are one of those people desperate to scream “I’m kinky!!!” then stop back this weekend. I’ve much to do today but will return.