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What Do You Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Share Your Kink? 11 comments

  What Do You Do When Your Partner Doesn’t Share Your Kink?   The big question that people with kinky desires often have is how to tell their partner that they want to try something out of the norm. What the hell do you do when you have all these fantasies that are considered kinky? Often when people finally embrace their kinky selves, it occupies their minds night and day to the point of distraction, and you find yourself obsessed with something that you want so badly but don’t know what your partner would think if they knew. Do you bring up the subject hoping your partner will respond in a positive way or keep things to yourself because you are afraid your partner will be freaked out by your desires? There are no easy answers to these questions, and for most of us who are older and actively kinky, […]

When Your Partner is Vanilla 1 comment

The question often comes up about how to tell your partner that you are kinky or that you want to try some type of kink. Many suffer in silence as they attempt to douse their kinky side, many begin secret online relationships or try to feed their needs by reading or watching kink. Many get involved in the kink community in secret, but only a few get up the nerve to begin a conversation with their significant other. So later on this weekend I will address how to begin the conversation, as well as share some personal stories dealing with this topic. If you are one of those people desperate to scream “I’m kinky!!!” then stop back this weekend. I’ve much to do today but will return.