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BDSM For Dummies or BDSM Made Simple 4 comments

A friend of mine (Thanks Sunny) posted a link to this article over on Facebook. It is an excellent guide for new submissives. This is a must read so you are well armed when you meet a new dominant either online or preparing to meet them in person. A high percentage of online Doms are fakes. This guide will help you weed through the pretenders and save you some heartache. The author is listed as unknown, but the blog looks like an excellent place for information. BDSM For Dummies; BDSM Made Simple My thanks to Sunny Megatron for steering me to this blog. I also suggest looking Sunny up on Facebook. She posts excellent information that includes sexual well being, things that are just plain funny, how to’s for BDSM and sex, and the schedule for events she hosts. She is knowledgeable and funny in person and does a great job teaching live about BDSM. We […]