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Sound The Trumpets! All The Links Are Up For The BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archive

All the BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archives are up and listed at the bottom of that page in just a raw HTMl link, but are clickable and will get you to what you want to read. I still need to put the posts in categories, and have the links with their actual titles and not just the raw links.   Take Me To The Archives

BDSM Rituals and Routines 7 comments

If you’ve been here before or read any of my posts in the BDSM archive, then you know I’m big on writing about the responsibility of the dominant’s role in any BDSM relationship be it domestic discipline, Master and slave, babygirl/Daddy, or whatever your dynamic. Dominant doesn’t mean you sit back and your slave or submissive does everything and you do nothing. It means you are taking on the responsibility for the life of another human being so you’d better be ready to work hard. If they are yours, you must care for them as they serve you. I’m also one who tells people if things aren’t going well, if your submissive is not obeying you, if your slave is acting out or your babygirl is having tantrums, then take a long look at yourself and the world or relationship you have established for the both of you. One of […]