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Author Spotlight on RJ Redlynn

RJ Redlynn – Author Spotlight I write erotica. Explicit erotica that sometimes probably crosses the lines into smut or porn, but will never be confused with sweet romance. A number of readers have thanked me for that as well. Currently I have three books out (A Loving Heart’s Desire, Vignettes – Tales of Passion, and Erotic Seasons) and am part of an anthology called Erotic Fantasies which is currently a best seller on Amazon in the Women’s Fiction category. To be honest, I’ve thought about writing a book for years but never really knew what to write or had a story to write. That was until my wife found the 50 Shades of Grey series. She was hooked and started reading all kinds of similar books. She would tell me about them and the characters. I kept hearing about these “messed up” characters that fall in love with each other […]

An Unsavory Hero #Spanking Stories

A gentleman would leave without a sound if he came upon a young lady bathing nude in a secluded glade. Unfortunately for Jolie, Cole is no gentleman. In fact, he is anything but. Do you like your heroes dangerous and unsavory? Is a man who believes spanking is the best way to tame a woman someone you’d like to know better? Do the words kinky historical romance mean something very, very good? Lessons of Love by Jolynn Raymond on Amazon.com