Dungeon Crawl ~ Let’s Get Flogged #FirstFlogging


First Flogging

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Just a little teaser since you can see me, but not all of me.

This is the first event I ever went to and it was at a public place. The person that took me was a fellow in the Madison community. I had met him online at Fetlife (over four years ago now) and we had messaged, talked on the phone, and went to meet at a public place first. This was over a course of time that I got to know him first before trotting off with him to event. Stranger danger people, come on. The event was called Therapy and it’s a bummer that they lost their space, so it is not active right now. I met quite a few folks from the Madison area that day, and also a couple that was in the Milwaukee area and would help me through being new in the community. I went to a munch in town the next week and met even more people, and I thought that was the greatest thing ever, since I had waited until my early forties to leap publicly into kink. That couple that helped me are still very active in the community and continue to help new people and teach classes that are informative and educational.

My back is super red in the picture since another fellow at Therapy had a horse hair flogger. I didn’t know that I was allergic to it until after. The horse hair creates tiny cuts in your skin, which some people like, and I probably wouldn’t have minded if I didn’t have an allergic reaction to it. Later when I went to shower, those little cuts hurt like hell with soapy water in them. Jolynn did have a horse hair flogger here, but we had to get rid of it, and gave it to a friend who was a happy clam about that.


There are more dungeons to visit along the way, so you better get crawling so you can hit them all.

About BeautysPunishment

Once a wild brat that couldn’t be tamed, I have been in a 24/7 DD, D/s relationship since July 14, 2011. We had a collaring ceremony lead by Mistress Joanne and attended by friends. I’m only submissive to Jolynn. Every day I run our business, and anything else so Jolynn can write her books in peace and quiet when she has time. I am the housewife, secretary, publicist, pet parent, and doer of good deeds, squirrel, and fueled by caffeine. Redbull gives me wings to fly through the internets. It is my drink of choice, and it's what's for breakfast. I tend to put my foot in mouth, and will say things without thinking; so if I offend anyone, it's not intentional. I am blunt and to the point, and don't have an inner monologue. According to Jolynn, I don’t have an off button. She keeps trying to find it on the top of my head. I have an off the wall sense of humor; more often than not I am impulsive, a little loud, and sometimes obnoxious. But that's just me.

0 thoughts on “Dungeon Crawl ~ Let’s Get Flogged #FirstFlogging

  • serafinasamadhi

    I am sorry your experience with horse-tail was so poor. I have to wonder if they had some chemicals or other allergens?
    We have 4-off those types of floggers- each deliriously different. And we just picked up one made of mane- so silky and soft!

    • Beauty's Punishment

      Thanks. It took a bit for that to go away and my skin to heal up. I think it’s the animal hair itself. We have two cats, and I have to take 40mg of Zyrtec and a Zyrtec D in the morning. The person that makes the floggers could also put some sort of chemical on them, but you would have to know the vendor to ask.

      We have a bunny flogger that I’m fine with, and leather is always fine for me to use. Lord Katana makes really nice ones that we have, plus I have the matching collar and cuffs set for play from him.

  • Sheri Savill

    *Love* the pic, it’s just beautiful. So erotic-hot hot-erotic, plus your hair is gorgeous, I hate you. 😉 Although yeah, I can see the reaction on your skin. DAMN. I was saying FUCK! out loud as I read this. In the shower? I’d have said a bit more than FUCK, I guarantee you. Hey, anyone want to know what a string o’ stuff would have come outta me? “No, Sheri, just move along to the next site, thanks.” OK I can take a hint. Snort. (PS, I love — LOVE — that you did this for the crawl! I think I will do something different too next week; i.e., not an excerpt-y thang. I like variety! Hey maybe that’s why I love kink.) GOOD GOD SHERI JUST STFU AND GO.

  • Cabin Goddess

    I remember my first flogging like it was yesterday. Truthfully I have memories of each public or private play parties since. My big love for floggers are stingy combined with thuddy, ,but with my partner now we cane and single tail. I love our horsehair but even without an allergy it means a longer recovery time because of the cutting. This is great! I really should do this for myself. Great post!

  • Joelle Casteel

    lol Normandie- ask me sometime on FB about all my Master’s allergies- it’s a preoccupation for me ugh.

    This is lovely though, the cross, the lighting. Too bad about the horsehair allergy. I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced a horse hair flogger; my Master prefers leather or suede.

    • Beauty's Punishment

      This was someone I had met there, and they were his toys. The person I came with made sure everything was ok before when started with the negotiations. During the flogging the fella was being a little lecherous, and I wasn’t attracted to him in any way, so it was a little weird. :p

  • normandiea

    I had no idea horse hair was an allergy. Makes sense… Learned something new today! 🙂
    I love flogging. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Beauty's Punishment

      Thanks Normandie. I do like flogging, and normally it’s nice, just not with that flogger. Lord Katana on Fet makes some really beautiful ones that we have. He also made all my cuffs for my hands and feet and a matching play collar. I’d rather have them custom made than some random toy from the porn store. Laura at Tool Shed Toys normally carries his floggers and some of the other locally made goodies.

  • Jolynn Raymond

    I got rid of the horse hair flogger so there wouldn’t even be a possibility that any other toy touched the horse hair. Perhaps I was being over cautious, but better safe than to have Beauty have an allergic reaction. Thanks for the comment Trent.

    Go crawl people!

  • authortrentevans

    Yes! More Beauty! I love the “tuck the hair out of the way so I have a clear canvas to work on”. And holy lord, that IS quite a reaction. Showering after that must have felt like hot water on a sunburn. OUCH!