Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Hidden In Plain Sight #WickedWednesday

Hidden In Plain Sight #WickedWednesday   This is a picture of Jolynn and I from our wedding day. I would like to put up the real version someday, but that someday is not here yet. The prompt from Wicked Wednesday is hidden. We are hidden in plain sight as far as our relationship goes to some people. When I go to help Jolynn at work, I don’t wear my wedding ring as it matches hers. The people that she works with and works for might not all understand, and it also might put her job in jeopardy. You would think that people would be ok with same sex couples, especially F/f, since according to some friends, we are cute as kittens when we are together. I’m not going to go into why people should be accepting, since Jolynn has been doing that with her posts and the guest posts. So […]

Dungeon Crawl ~ Let’s Get Flogged #FirstFlogging

First Flogging Just a little teaser since you can see me, but not all of me. This is the first event I ever went to and it was at a public place. The person that took me was a fellow in the Madison community. I had met him online at Fetlife (over four years ago now) and we had messaged, talked on the phone, and went to meet at a public place first. This was over a course of time that I got to know him first before trotting off with him to event. Stranger danger people, come on. The event was called Therapy and it’s a bummer that they lost their space, so it is not active right now. I met quite a few folks from the Madison area that day, and also a couple that was in the Milwaukee area and would help me through being new in the community. I […]