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Guest Post On Polyamory by rdhdbtrfly

Guest Post On Polyamory by rdhdbtrfly This is the fourth in the series of guest posts that we will be doing on this blog. I have never been in a poly relationship. My friend rdhdbtrfly (that is her Fetlife name) has lived in various polyamory relationships and is currently in one now, so she is a good source of information on the topic. These relationships are hard to make work because you are dealing with not two, but three or more personalities. People have many ideas about what poly is and what it means. The following article is from her point of view. Your mileage may vary. I will add my own comments at the end. Comments are encouraged, discussion is fabulous, anything bordering on rude will be deleted. Please respect the dynamic she has chosen for herself. Have an open mind, learn something new, and help spread the word about the very positive relationships […]