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The Daddy/ babygirl Dynamic 30 comments

The Daddy/ babygirl Dynamic This is the first of the guest posts I will be featuring on my blog in an effort to help others understand the dynamics of relationships or kinks people tend to misinterpret. My goal is not to spark debate, though polite comments are welcome. What I want is to increase our tolerance for things we don’t understand. This piece is written by a close friend, RWE. He has a great deal of experience with Daddy Dom/babygirl relationships, and was eager to share his knowledge in an effort to provide a clear and intelligent voice on this often misunderstood relationship.   Did You Call Him Daddy? First I would like to thank two dear friends of mine for giving me the opportunity to write and share my perspective and experience on endearing and beautiful relationship of Daddy/babygirl and its dynamics.  I want to make clear that this is […]

Our First Meeting and Kiss #WickedWednesday

The prompt this week for Wicked Wednesday’s is firsts. I was commenting on another post of Southern Sir’s, and I started to explain how I first met Jolynn, so I thought that would be a good first. I started going on Fetlife about a year before I met Jolynn. I had discovered it by accident one day, and I’m thinking, that looks like it may be a good thing. Not like Alt or other adult social networks that I had tried before. In a different series of posts, I might tell about my adventures for that first year running free in the kink world. I still have all the emails from nearly four years ago now. So, it’s getting to be the end of summer, and I am ‘technically’ seeing someone, but I only get occasional calls or emails. First it’s once a week, then every two weeks, and then […]