Our First Meeting and Kiss #WickedWednesday

The prompt this week for Wicked Wednesday’s is firsts. I was commenting on another post of Southern Sir’s, and I started to explain how I first met Jolynn, so I thought that would be a good first.

I started going on Fetlife about a year before I met Jolynn. I had discovered it by accident one day, and I’m thinking, that looks like it may be a good thing. Not like Alt or other adult social networks that I had tried before. In a different series of posts, I might tell about my adventures for that first year running free in the kink world. I still have all the emails from nearly four years ago now.

So, it’s getting to be the end of summer, and I am ‘technically’ seeing someone, but I only get occasional calls or emails. First it’s once a week, then every two weeks, and then it gets to be a month. It’s like, are we or are we not going out? {He said he was sick, and maybe he felt like he needed to be distant to me, and was not wanting me to take care of him. This continues throughout the summer until nearly October, and by then I’m like, fuck that.} I met her like the 16th of August I think.

Jolynn had emailed some of the people in the community, including me, since she was wanting to get out there and meet people to become friends with. She had just ended a toxic relationship that had lasted two years, so she wasn’t looking to meet someone to get serious right away. (According to Fetlife that was 1,286 days ago.) I was just enjoying the warmth of summer and having drinks out with friends on every Wednesday that they had it. That night it seemed like there was a ton of people there inside, and they were spilling outside to the little tables, and sidewalk to visit. It was nice out, so inside it was hot with all the people there, and I’d probably taken off my shoes and socks and was barefoot trotting around. I think by the time she got there I had put them back on. I normally wore motorcycle boots to work, and I wanted them off my feet.

When it’s noisy, people have a hard time hearing me. I’d rather not scream across the bar area just to talk. So, I’m up at the bar twirling around in my seat, drinking my large glass of wine visiting with whoever was near me. The bartender gal always was very generous with the wine. I was trying to sip it, so I wouldn’t get to tipsy, since we were meeting that night. It only takes about a glass and a half, and I’m toast. Eventually, she gets there and ends up sitting near the door since friends are already greeting her and talking at a table to get to know her. This goes on for some while. She mentions to my friend that she would like to meet me, which was the plan, so he brings me to her. It’s still loud in the bar even by the door. I had been trying to lean forward to hear her and not have to try and talk super loud to be heard over everyone near us. I end up kneeling in front of her and then we talked, since I could now hear her. Kneeling in front of someone also shows your submission to them, and friends turned around to look, and are like, “What”?! I didn’t mind being on the floor and more than half the time I was running around in the bar with my socks and shoes off. We talked for quite a while about different things, and eventually I think I ended up sitting on a chair at the table by her when people started migrating out of there. So everyone ends up going home, the days go by, and there is emailing.

1,279 days ago there was a munch on a Saturday at the Bowling Alley. We go and visit with people and I have my drink or two while we are hanging out. Eventually, it gets to be time to go home. We start to walk out of the building to go towards the car, but we end up kissing on the sidewalk and over by the car. A guy friend comes out of the building as he’s trying to get to his car. We end up blocking it by accident standing there in the parking lot kissing. He is a little flustered by this, but does get by us to get out of the parking lot. There is now calling, emailing, and being flirty.

A week goes by, and it’s Wednesday again. Jolynn will be there again that night. Her friend from up north came to visit and hang out with everyone also. I don’t know how long we talked, and I think we ended up at the other end of the bar since their one lone air conditioner for the place was in the back. Eventually she had to go home, and I think by that time I may have lunged at her to give her a kiss. My wine is now kicking in, and it’s later in the night. So I walk her to her car, and we are making out on the hood for quite a bit. The neighbors on the East Side are now cat calling out of their houses. Apparently it was dinner and a show. I don’t know how long we were out there, but everyone had to work in the morning. So, it’s after three in the morning, and eventually there is sleeping. I get up, get in the truck to get gas, and my brake line goes out as I’m parking at the gas station. I don’t make it to work, and my boss is pissed. Not like I wanted my truck to break down on purpose. Most of the morning is spent trying to figure out where I can put it, and how to get it out of there, since the people at the gas station aren’t having it parked there. Later there is napping, hooray for napping.

Our budding romance has stops and starts through the two and a half months after we met. My feelings are up and down since the person I was seeing before, and had met in May, wants me to jump through hoops to be with him by the time October is rolling around. To be his I must not have any limits and do whatever he says that will please him. Eventually I make it through to October, and it’s getting toward Halloween. That person was supposed to take me to the Halloween party, but we end it all the way after seeing each other a month after he’s been out of town. He brings the gal I am staying with flowers and wine, I on the other hand get nothing. I didn’t feel the same way as I did months before, and I’m like fuck it. We are done all the way. He breaks up with me by text.

So it’s the week before Halloween, and I have plans with Sionna to have her come over to the house and get dolled up for the party that is at a larger bar next to the one where I had met Jolynn. We are spritzed up, and we are finally out the door and to the party. It takes us a hundred years to get out the door, but we do. There was actually two parties in a row that weekend. One at the bar, and another at a local dungeon. Jolynn is with me there both times. The second night, there is a lot of kissing as we migrate around the building. At one point I am sitting on a large speaker. By the end of the night, we are on the couch near the door. It is after 2:30am I think, and we are being kicked out. Everyone goes home separately. But after that, we are inseparable. {Beauty}


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0 thoughts on “Our First Meeting and Kiss #WickedWednesday

  • Sionna

    A few years later, I’m surprised Beauty remembers the chronology. She was discreet, keeping he interest in Jolynn a secret for months. Considering it. Then it was obvious she was VERY interested and quite physical.
    Beauty’s been helpful to me, bratty to others. I’m glad I came to know Jolynn somewhat and see her tame Beauty’s wild side.

    • Jolynn Raymond

      She wasn’t so discreet as just kept busy trying to figure out what she wanted. I would not take her as a brat. I wanted her very much but she had to come willingly without all the rebellious behavior that had her bouncing around and doing things that weren’t in her best interest.

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Ah… How she simplifies things. It was whirlwind and it was completely unexpected, but she was a brat and I don’t do brats. There was kissing, lots of kissing, but there was also watching and waiting. Her behavior was atrocious. I sat back and waited for her to come to the realization that a real relationship with me was what she needed. I wouldn’t pursue, and absolutely wasn’t going to start a relationship with someone who didn’t want to be submissive. Once she realized that I cared for her and would also give her the limits her wild behavior needed, she opened her eyes and then I opened my arms. I haven’t let go and she hasn’t tried to slip away. She also is very well behaved. Something she never was with those who tried to force her. Submission given willingly is sweeter than submission that is forced IMO. Love you Beauty.