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 Why Spanking is One of My Kinks

There are a thousand and one different kinks out there. People enjoy a vast variety of things that are considered fetishes. Some include inflicting pain, some are more sensual, and some involve no contact at all. I’m a dominant and a sadist, so hands on play where I am in complete control is my preference. I enjoy flogging, caning, playing with sharp and pointies, electric play, and a few others to varying degrees of sensation on my partner, but even with that long list, spanking is one of my favorites. Why do I enjoy spanking so much? I love it because the one simple act can be many things.

My favorite type of spanking is the intimate kind. Both my wife and I are comfortable when we do this kind of spanking. I sit propped up with pillows in the center of the headboard and she lies over my lap. Both of us are supported. Her legs are out straight, usually spread a bit, and her upper body and head are on the bed. My implements paddles, slappers, insertables, etc. are close at hand. Everything is made ready so all I need to focus on is the beautiful, smooth, pale canvas before me, and she has all her focus on the sensations she is receiving.

This kind of spanking is not for punishment. It may be a funishment spanking, meaning there is a made up offense for which she is receiving the spanking, but it is not one that goes over her pain limit. The spanking is intended to be sensual and enjoyable for us both.

I begin with stroking her back and bottom, just gently moving over her smooth skin, building up anticipation before starting with my hand. Everything is slowly built up. The spanks start light then become sharp in intensity as I cover her bottom with slaps that turn her cheeks pink, always making sure I hold each cheek taut for a bit so the delicate skin where her bottom meets her thigh can be tended to. I hand spank then stroke, hand spank then stroke, until her bottom is red and hot to my touch.

Once she is well warmed up, I move to other implements using a varying degree of intensity, establishing a rhythm that helps to lull her into sub space. Her favorite implement is a leather slapper that has a stiff handle and split leather at the top. It can be quite stingy or thuddy and I mix the sensations. Insertables are sometimes used, as are the different paddles I have. Some are wood; one is wood on one side and dense foam on the other. The wood stings, the foam makes a booming noise and so has a great mind effect. I spank her bottom, thighs, and inner thighs, mixing toys and sensations. My toy collection has a lot to keep things interesting from rubber to wood, and leather to Acrylic. The one thing I do not use is the wooden hairbrush. It is reserved for punishment only. If you don’t have toys, be creative. Your hand can give a huge range of sensations, from stinging to rapid lighter one. Wooden spoons, spatulas, small cutting boards, folded over belts, shoes, just look around the house.

We usually end with a grand finale of Hitachi use often accompanied with hard spanks to give the pain and pleasure sensors a great workout, then always cuddle. Remember the aftercare people. Hugs, soft words, kisses, warmth from your body or a blanket and giving water are a must. Sometimes we play harder and use other things when my wife is on the spanking bench or cross, but over my lap there is a giving of pain, but the focus is on mutual enjoyment and sensuality. Both of us enjoy it.

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  • annapurna1951


    Thank you for sharing your play activities. They feel perfect to me.

    I don’t mind the hairbrush; how it’s applied is what really matters.

    For punishment, I avoid that at all costs. I see that as a personal failure on my part. However, there are days in which depression may adversely affect my performance. I have a chemical imbalance, and there is nothing I can do about it.

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