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Dear Santa,

Some would say I’ve been naughty but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I suppose it depends on if you’re kink friendly. Regardless of your views on kinky play and authors who fill their blogs with posts on spanking their wives and tips on anal sex, I’m going to go ahead and send you my list. Nothing is material. There are things it would be nice to have, but my life is rich with love and friends. What I want are things that seem to be missing in this world.

1. Tolerance – I’ve posted about this in the past but really Santa, can’t you do some magic and just make those that are hard headed, hard hearted, and bigoted be more open minded? My being a lesbian hurts no one and those who wish to practice kink, are born gay, feel they are the wrong gender and go through hoops of fire to change themselves just so they can feel whole need a little more compassion from those in charge. We are not deviant sex predators. We are not trying to turn anyone gay. Our beliefs don’t corrupt others. If allowed the basic human rights of loving who we chose and being loved in return by our family, being safe from persecution, having and keep a job we are qualified for despite our sexual and kink preference, being supported just the way we are, being allowed to marry, and just plain feeling like we aren’t second class, I think most of us would feel like we’ve received a great gift.

2. Responsibility – We need some magic responsibility dust too Santa. Far too many people refuse to take responsibility for what they do. In this world of anonymous internet communication people say things and do things without the ramifications of their actions. What’s worse, is that those who have grown up in this age don’t change their mindset when dealing with people face to face. People say and do things then simply walk away or what’s worse, they laugh at the pain they have caused. People need to grow up, learn that even if mommy and daddy never held you accountable and treated you like a king or queen, you aren’t the world’s most special snowflake. Life isn’t a video game or movie. Grow up. If you do something, take responsibility for the outcome.

3. Compassion – We see so much violence and pain in living color every day that it makes us numb. We run around in our ‘Me’ bubble, focused on only the things that we feel matter, never sparing much thought to the hundreds of people around us unless one of them does something that pisses us off. The internet has made the world smaller, or at least that’s what they say. Well Santa, I think we need to remember that there are other people in this world besides those that are in our circle of family, friends, and colleagues. I’m not saying open your wallet whenever you see a feed the children add, but give us the gift to think about others. That guy who is homeless probably isn’t there because he is lazy and doesn’t want to work. That lady who has a million and one coupons in line or takes forever because she’s older and forgot things or needs to make sure every sale price was given isn’t intentionally holding you up to annoy us. Maybe she needs every last cent she has to afford the food in her cart and I’ll bet she’d love to be able to zip about and not be so slow. Those people we see for the 30 second news clip on a horrific car crash are real people. it’s not just a scene in a movie. We have grown numb to the suffering and have no idea what goes on in the lives of people we don’t know, so Santa, help us be more compassionate and considerate.

4. Manners – Oh Santa please, please, please bring back common courtesy. Perhaps that’s a subliminal reason why I like BDSM, we have a system of protocol that contains manners. Not everyone uses them, but there seems to be more people who know it’s expected in the kink lifestyle. So sprinkle that magic dust on the jerk who drives like a crazy ass in traffic and put me and my family in danger. The lady screaming at her screaming kids at the table next to ours. The people who often practically barge right over my 87 year old mom when we go anywhere crowded. The people who talk about things I have no desire to hear about at top volume on their phone in public. The people who think the world revolves around them and that please and thank you don’t exist. The people who refuse to merge into a single lane of traffic when it tells us a mile back their lane will be closed but ignore it and merrily drive to the very front and expect to be let in, and to everyone who thinks it’s okay to be obnoxious in public. Give them a non refundable no getting out of ticket to a year long non stop lecture by Emily Post.

5. Common Sense – Oh the things I see in my job!! Santa, the world will be a much better place if you dish out common sense this year. To the lady who puts rat poison under her 3 yr old’s bed and then didn’t call poison control when she found out the child ate some. To the lady who thinks a haircut appointment is a good reason to go out on the road in a blizzard. To the people who put their entire life out on Facebook and then are shocked that those pictures of their boobs or the photo of them puking into the toilet with a bottle of Jack lying on the floor make them get passed over for the job they want, Santa please give them a box of brains.

The rest of this is kink related Santa but I hope you’ll still keep reading.

To the dominants who think that title makes them deserving of respect from women they don’t know, write a note that says respect must be commanded not demanded around their lump of coal.

To the person who disrespects another’s kink, please give them a whole host of Holier than Thou narrow minded people to gather round and tisk tisk them for their kinky love of feet, anal sex, or cock and ball torture. Help them put the shoe on the other foot and be so uncomfortable that they get it into their heads that if it’s consensual and they aren’t forcing their kink on anyone, just shut up about it!

To the newbie submissive woman who wants a dominant so badly that she will do things that are on her hard limit list just to please her potential master, please get her a female submissive mentor to help her keep her head and navigate the waters so she can choose wisely.

To the guy who thinks being a dominant means yelling “Get me a beer and do me bitch”, treats women with zero respect, and thinks being kinky is a great way to get a sex slave without doing anything in return. How about a magical sex change and being dropped into a country where women have no rights.

To the people who forget this lifestyle should always be based on safe, sane, and consensual activities… well I can’t make that wish because it would be non consensual to do that to them but I have faith in karma.

To those who are newly into kink, Santa please steer them toward Fetlife so they can get some real information and realize that 50 Shades isn’t the way things go all the time and that it’s wise to learn before you do.

My final wish is for everyone kinky and non, black, white, brown, or purple, republican, democrat, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, rich, poor, powerful, weak, old, or young to stop fighting. Wars do nothing but create misery and fist fights were a better way to burn testosterone and settle differences. I’ve said this before, if what I do isn’t to your liking that’s okay and you have a right to your beliefs, but I have a right to mine. Santa please fill those stockings with care. Forget the naughty or nice and settle for doing the best a person can while not hurting others verses ignorant, ego inflated, intolerant, cruel, scum. I know the titles are longer, but it will help you divvy up the magic dust and hunks of coal.

Much love,

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  • one2please

    Dear Jolynn,
    Your letter to Santa was full of the things kink and vanilla folks should all desire, and thank You for compiling it. Very well said. The best to You and Yours this Christmas!

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