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Why spanking is One of My Kinks 1 comment

   Why Spanking is One of My Kinks There are a thousand and one different kinks out there. People enjoy a vast variety of things that are considered fetishes. Some include inflicting pain, some are more sensual, and some involve no contact at all. I’m a dominant and a sadist, so hands on play where I am in complete control is my preference. I enjoy flogging, caning, playing with sharp and pointies, electric play, and a few others to varying degrees of sensation on my partner, but even with that long list, spanking is one of my favorites. Why do I enjoy spanking so much? I love it because the one simple act can be many things. My favorite type of spanking is the intimate kind. Both my wife and I are comfortable when we do this kind of spanking. I sit propped up with pillows in the center of […]