Sweet Agony

Feels Soooo Good

One of the local stores is now stocking Elizabeth’s Destiny, Dark Obsessions, and Sweet Agony. It’s a major step in the sales of my paperback copies. When they come in the box I still get all tingly when I hold one of them. It is a definite rush to touch a new book, all glossy and perfect and see my name on it for the author. For those of you here in Milwaukee, they are being sold at the Tool Shed down on Murray. Go on down and look at all their wonderful things. Many of their floggers, paddles, collars, and other fun stuff are made by local people. You know Lord Katana makes the best floggers and Sir Wieland the best paddles. It’s all high quality stuff, not cheesy, cheap, porn store toys. Aside from vendor events it’s hard to find toys that are as well made. We even bought a catnip stuffed purple velour […]

“Sweet Agony” Is Now Live & Ready To Download!

“Sweet Agony“ is now live and ready to download! It will be free later this weekend; but if you can’t wait, it’s available now. You can click here to download the book. “Lessons of Love“, my historical romance, will also have a free day this weekend if you happened to miss the last time it was free.