John Pressick

My Interview with Jon Pressick From Sex in Words

This post should have the above title, but it should also have an added bit called The Truth About Gerome T. Gnome. Yes, the truth about our gnome better known as Gerome_the_Gnome on Fetlife has finally come out. Be prepared for some seriousness and some silliness, as I spill on the truth about Gerome, our gnome. You can see his Fetlife profile if you click above. Many thanks to Jon Pressick, both for doing the interview, and giving the okay to repost it here. Take time to check out his blog Sex in Words. He’s a well known sex blogger who has interesting articles and interviews on his site. Click here to take a peek. Below is my interview with Jon. 1. How did you get into sex blogging? I’ve been kinky for a good long time. I’m also a person who advocates getting out and meeting people in the local […]