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Kink Toy Tuesday ~ Flogger Gloves #TWMT #107

Flogger Gloves These are special made glove floggers. I purchased them at Thunder in the mountains in Denver, CO. I have issues with the vision in one of my eyes and it causes depth perception problems, so having the falls right off the tips of my fingers is very helpful when it comes to striking the correct places. Each finger has 6 square falls attached at the tips, and give a thuddy rather than stingy feel. They were nearly 3 ft long but I had them shortened to better suit my short stature. Toy with me Tuesday is a place where like minded sex toy connoisseurs can come together, combining their imagination and their enthusiasm for sex toys and portraying it artistically through imagery. We are joining in on the adventure with Ness on Tuesdays. 

With Love to My Wife #BDSMrelationship 4 comments

Three years ago today I married my beautiful wife and bound her to me forever with love, with a ring, and with a collar. Today I say my vows again so I will remember my promises and never forget the feeling of great joy that I had on the day I made Beauty mine. These words I pledge again today and forever, my Beauty, my love. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *I pledge my life unto yours. When you need strength I will offer mine. When you need words of encouragement I will listen and provide support. When you need solace and comfort and the silent speech of love, I will understand. I will place you in my heart today, before all others, and I pledge to work from this hour forward to make our commitment everlasting. Beauty, you are assertive yet gentle. You are stubborn yet yielding: you bend your will to my […]