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Is All BDSM Sexual? #KinkySex 50 comments

  When you search the internet for kink or BDSM, what you get are stories, video clips, and photos that scream sex, sex, sex! Those who are looking to read about kink by finding a good BDSM novel are looking for hot scenes of spanking, submission, female domination, a slave girl serving her master, or some other form of D/s or M/s relationship where the story has romance, BDSM encounters, and sex. I will admit that my own books, whether they are the historical romances or the collections of short BDSM stories include spanking, kinky play and, you guessed it. Sex! Sex sells, sex is stimulating to our base primal nature, sex arouses us and makes us feel alive, but despite all the in your face sex that comes with most anything commercial in the media that isn’t non-fiction, is all BDSM really sexual? When I first discovered kink I […]