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This is the third in the series of guest posts that we will be doing on this blog. Cinnamon and Sparkles aka Phoenixasubbie talks about her relationship in DD/lg dynamic. It goes along with Kayla and John’s post on their relationship last Thursday. Comments are encouraged, discussion is fabulous, anything bordering on rude will be deleted. Please respect the dynamic she has chosen for herself. Have an open mind, learn something new, and help spread the word about the very positive relationships and aspects of BDSM.

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I am a babygirl. I am a little girl. A daddy’s girl.

This is NOT age play for me. This is not role play. This isn’t something I do because I think it’s sexy and fun. (Although it is)

There are age players who practice DD/lg, but like any other dynamic, we all do it differently.

For me, this is who I am.

I don’t have Daddy issues. I was a total Daddy’s girl growing up. My father always made me feel special and loved. He still does. I’ll always be my Daddy’s girl.

Some people think I’m into incest play because I call my lover Daddy. Nothing could be further from the truth. True, there are kinksters who are into that particular role play but it has nothing to do with DD/lg.

I have had people compare my “kink” to pedophilia. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. While I am childlike in many ways, I am a fully grown woman. My Daddy is not sexually attracted to children. It’s highly offensive and ignorant for people to even compare the two.

Truth be told, I don’t even like to call this my kink. To me it’s as natural as breathing.

Recently someone called me a deviant. That hurt my feelings…..but then I realized that I needed to think about the word itself.

Deviant: Differing from a norm or from the accepted standards of a society.

Yes, I walk my own path from most of society. I don’t care. My path brings me the greatest happiness and peace I’ve ever known. If this makes me deviant, so be it.


So, what is to understand about DD/lg?

My whole life many people have called me little girl. It was never anything that any of us put conscious thought into….it’s just that they recognized that quality in me.

What’s the quality? What makes me a babygirl? A childlike innocence. Wonder. The trust of a child. An open heart. Vulnerability.

I know that I have always needed lots of attention and affection. Lots. Most (maybe all ? ) babygirls do I think. It doesn’t matter if I’m on my knees, his lap, or just laying side by side with him… To have Daddy hold me, and stroke my hair is complete and total bliss.

I have a near obsessive desire to please. I don’t do or not do things because of punishment, although that is part of our dynamic. I behave as I do because I want him to be pleased with me… proud of me… and of course, I want to hear that I am a good girl.

Crazy ridiculous what I’d do to hear those two words… followed closely by other terms of endearment. Pumpkin, angel, princess, babydoll… I love them all. They are better than any material gift.

And if I displease him, I am crushed. The verbalization that I have disappointed him, along with seeing it on his face, completely destroys me. If I am punished, I will cry. More like bawl my eyes out…  These tears are not about the pain (although it hurts too) they are about my sadness at displeasing him.

Regarding the above two – it goes without saying that this extends to sex. A babygirl wants her Daddy to feel good. She wants to be his Good Girl and will be as naughty and nasty as Daddy wants her to be. She just needs to know that it’s safe to be his naughty girl.

I’m a grown up. I can and do handle my adult responsibility… but it just feels so much better to have the guidance of a Daddy. There is comfort there. Security.

I am a babygirl because I want my D/s served with kisses and cuddles.

There is a special language between Daddy Doms and babygirls. Only one can ever truly recognize the other instinctually and fully.

A Daddy and a Babygirl need each other. Without one another they are unfinished. They are a wish. A desire. A thought. Only together do they experience true joy and completion.


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