Daily Archives: March 4, 2014

Three Wishes #WickedWednesday

Three Wishes Today’s three wishes come from Elizabeth Thornton, the heroine from Elizabeth’s Destiny. Elizabeth wishes her mother and the church elders hadn’t sent her to India. Elizabeth wishes she didn’t have to wear such smothering gowns in the horrid heat. Elizabeth wishes she wasn’t destined to live the dull life of a missionary. Sometime you get what you wish for… And sometimes you wish they had never came true. Maxwell has eyed the lovely Elizabeth in the market place and wants her. He has set his plan in motion to capture the lovely English girl.  “That one, the English woman. Steal the basket and knock her to the ground.”  “Yes Sir.” The boy beamed up at him and quickly put the coin in the pocket of his tattered pants. He hurried after Elizabeth, and waited until she was past the busiest of streets, then swooped in on her. He slammed […]

Dungeon Crawl #BDSM

To make this dungeon crawl a little more authentic We thought we’d share a little bit of our dungeon with our readers. Enter if you dare… But don’t say you weren’t warned! One of the things we like to do here is to have CFNM parties. What’s that you ask? Clothed Female, Nude Male It’s a fancy dinner party where each of our lady guests has her own naked male submissive servant. Yes really. We are served a formal dinner but then the fun really starts. We play party games. The pictures below are from what we call Deck the Dick Take one naked male servant and add craft supplies an wa la… A decked dick. I want no screaming about naked male anatomy you… have… been… warned… Avert your virgin eyes now. This is our gnome Gerome with the winner of the contest. We thought his lady did a great […]