Vintage Spanking Photos


This is a classic vintage spanking photo. It holds a lot more charm

for me than its modern day counterparts.

As many of you know, I like to look at the search terms to find out what people are looking for. One that comes up fairly often is vintage spanking photos. Despite my love of history, I haven’t given much thought to vintage photos of spanking in days gone by, so I decided I’d do an image search, and lo and behold it turned up pages of old images which I have to say I find appealing. The picture above is interesting and erotic to me because of the clothing that has to be lifted, the cane is ever present and I love canes, and the knowledge that if she was bent over just a tiny bit more you would get a nice peek of her lady bits, and because I could easily build a story around it in my head.

Porn and spanking pictures as a whole don’t do a lot for me. I am one who loves the written word and the images they can conjure more than an in your face explicit picture. Perhaps it’s the sepia coloring or the softness of the black and white, but I found myself enjoying these more subtle photos much more than I do the current day offering of spanking pictures. There was something else that surprised me as well, and that was that 90% of the photos are female/female. That of course might account for their appeal seeing as I very much enjoy spanking my wife.


This photo is representative of many of them. A woman, probably the Headmistress of a girl’s school, has lined up all of the naughty girls deserving spankings for whatever wrong doing they committed. There is just something erotic about all those waiting bottoms and the stern woman, cane or paddle in hand ready to do her duty and discipline them all. I like that they are bare except for their stockings. I also like the thought that each of them will hear the punishment of the others.


This photo was unique because it showed more of a kinky BDSM slant than the others. She is bound and gagged and there seems to be more going on than a simple discipline spanking. Though the gal who is bound and gagged has her eyes nearly popping out of her head, it looks as if mischief and fun are going on. Well at least the one giving the spanking looks very happy. The bullet bra and the long white gloves give an interesting look as well.


This photo is my favorite. They really look as if they’ve been tumbling around on the bed pulling at each other’s clothing in a wrestling sort of way. The woman poised to spank came out the winner. Her lovely breasts are bared, her fingers are digging into the soft flesh of the loser’s perfectly shaped bottom, and the other hand is ready to come down in a loud smack. Can’t you just imagine the women on top wiggling around a bit to get some stimulation on her clit? The clothing is classic and though I know they are more like pajamas, they remind me of the camisole and split bloomers of the Victorian age.

All in all it was a satisfying stroll through spankings of the past. I love role play and Victorian is my favorite. We have a set of white lace camisole and split bloomers tucked away in the closet. They make a beautiful frame for a very red bottom, and there is just something yummy about sliding the material apart to reveal that which will be spanked. Add a couple of canes, a thin leather groove strap to punish between the bottom cheeks, a knob of freshly pealed ginger, and you have a lovely kink scene to fill the afternoon. Those British Victorians certainly knew how to punish. The photo below and that birch bundle are classic, and would give anyone who gets a spanking shivers. You can tell the woman using it means business for those two naughty girls.


My thanks to those of you who were searching for vintage spanking photos.

I will have to add them to things I enjoy!

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