Daily Archives: May 11, 2013

What The Hell Happened Here?

If you look at my Fetlife profile it will say I live the lifestyle 24/7. 24/7 means different things to different people depending on the type of relationship they are in, but I think most of us have a healthy does of vanilla or the real world invading on our 24/7. What I mean is, the every day stressors of life such as work, family, and kids makes it necessary to step outside our kink zone whether we like it or not, and for me the stepping outside has made it hard to step back in where I belong. I live within the contexts of a kinky relationship. I make all the decisions, my wife defers to me in all things. Most of my social interactions are with our kinky friends. Our home is equipped with a dungeon, much of our travel is to kink events, the fetlife page is […]