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An Excerpt From My New Book Taken, Vol 1 Of Beneath the Shadow of Evil Series

Hungary, Late Middle Ages Chapter One Run! The one frantic word pounded through Alliana’s head in time with the beating of her racing heart. She could hear him behind her, closer and closer, Mikhal the Merciless, he who had no soul. The one she had been warned about over and over since her clan had moved into the area. The very reason she had been ordered to stay close to the caravan. One leather clad foot slipped on the icy grass, making her stumble, arms pin wheeling, but she regained her balance and raced onward, pursued by the devil himself. The clouds in the night sky parted, allowing the moon to shine down through the semi leafless trees, making the ice that clung to their black branches glisten and light up the night. A freak early storm had coated everything, giving it a crystallized sheen, turning the world dazzling and […]

I Couldn’t Wait…Beneath the Shadows of Evil

Try as I might, once Shadows was edited and made all shiny and ready, I couldn’t wait any longer to publish it. Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Taken has gone to the publisher and will be live in a couple of days, most likely late Tuesday or Wednesday. This is the first book of three in the series. The others will be released May 1st, 2013 and July 1st, 2013. So hurray! This was a long time in coming.

The Act of Collaring 3 comments

Beauty’s Collar and Wedding Ring The Act of Collaring The act of collaring one’s submissive or slave has many variations to some, and only one true way to others. Whether you find yourself in the meet today, collar tomorrow crowd, or the collaring is very serious business crowd, it is a subject and act that can spawn much debate. As always, my views are simply my views, expressed in a way that will hopefully educate and enlighten my readers. Your mileage may vary, in fact it should to some extent because the act of collaring is a very personal one. When I met my wife Beauty, I’d had several long term M/s relationships prior to her, but I never collared any of those ladies. While it’s true, they had a play collar worn during kinky play and jewelry that was special because it represented our relationship, they never received a collar. To […]

Saturday’s Topic

This is going to be a busy weekend. We are having a CFNM party. For those of you who are new to kink, CFNM stands for clothed women, nude men. This is a giant leap into the world of our fun kinky lifestyle. It comes out of order since I was building up with the basics, but since we are having the party, it fits in now. And so my friends, if you’d like a little peek inside a wonderfully kinky kind of party, tune in on Saturday. Oh, and I bet you are REALLY curious why a lesbian would hold a party where naked men run around and serve us.

Something from the Mailbag

Something from the Mailbag I have a question from Jean about BDSM. I decided to post this here so more of you would see it. I also want to encourage others to go ahead and ask if you have something on your mind. Jean asks: My question is about my past few experiences with my husband involving bdsm. The first experience I pretty much did what he required of me. Without having done any real reading about it, it remained loving and disciplined. On to the next I experienced a very real desire to test him openly. Breaking rules, etc. It was very easy for me to realize that in my mind, it was a mind game. I felt I was getting what I wanted in the first place and that these rules were not sufficient. So, I egged him on. If a rule was made, it became my next […]

What’s In a Name? An Explanation of BDSM Roles 18 comments

  What’s In a Name? An Explanation of BDSM Roles The roles I will be writing about today are based on my understanding of them. Others may have different views. I am in no way trying to wave my flag of experience and shout “These are the exact definition”. I am speaking of how I interpret them after witnessing many relationships in the BDSM community. Your mileage may vary. My explanations today are leaning towards basic definitions. We will get deeper into the intricacies of the different power exchange relationships in another Saturday post. I am also in no way passing any judgement on any of the roles. I am very supportive of other’s kink even if I do not understand it, practice it in my own relationships, or find it exciting, as long as it takes place between consenting adults and is done safely. Most of these roles take […]

Mistress, submissive, slave, Master, Owner, toy, Daddy, bottom, top …

What the heck do all these different titles mean? The topic of Saturday’s kinky post will be defining the different roles and titles people in BDSM relationships identify with. there are an infinite number, so I will only address the most common ones. Tune in if this new topic makes you say hummm….. interesting. See you then!