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What’s In a Name? An Explanation of BDSM Roles 18 comments

  What’s In a Name? An Explanation of BDSM Roles The roles I will be writing about today are based on my understanding of them. Others may have different views. I am in no way trying to wave my flag of experience and shout “These are the exact definition”. I am speaking of how I interpret them after witnessing many relationships in the BDSM community. Your mileage may vary. My explanations today are leaning towards basic definitions. We will get deeper into the intricacies of the different power exchange relationships in another Saturday post. I am also in no way passing any judgement on any of the roles. I am very supportive of other’s kink even if I do not understand it, practice it in my own relationships, or find it exciting, as long as it takes place between consenting adults and is done safely. Most of these roles take […]