New Release

His Lordship’s Wayward Wife #CoverReveal

A new kinky historical romance by Jolynn Raymond Coming June of 2014 Claudia Stafford lived a life of luxury in Victorian England. She was a rebellious and spoilt girl who thought only of herself, treating those below her station with contempt. After discovering the power of her womanly charms, she used them to her every advantage, spurning any suitors her mother deemed appropriate, in favor of those who offered excitement regardless of scandal. When her father returns from his job overseas, her life is suddenly turned upside down. Married to an Earl and shipped across the country, Claudia find herself in the role of those whom she has disdained. She is expected to be subservient and obedient, and saying no brings consequences Claudia never dreamed of. As the wife of a man who belongs to a secret society that takes the role of the dominant husband to new heights, Claudia is expected to be submissive in all […]

New Release ~ Sapphamire, Dragons of Dragonose, Book 1 by Alice Brown & Lady V

This is the first book in the paranormal erotica romance fantasy series that went live early. You can buy it now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or JK Publishing in any format. Amazon Barnes and Noble JK Publishing Sapphamire, Dragons of Dragonose, Book 1 Blain Barrymire is a dragon shifter from the land of Dragonose.  He came to Earth several years ago to search for his mate, and in the meantime has established a powerful business empire based out of his castle in Iceland.  When interviewing for the position of his personal assistant, his attention is drawn to a resume from an N. Clayton.  He assumes the candidate is a man, and is shocked when it turns out that not only is she a female, but also his mate!  Natasha Clayton is out of options and time.  The High Council of Others considers her a ticking time bomb because her […]

I Couldn’t Wait…Beneath the Shadows of Evil

Try as I might, once Shadows was edited and made all shiny and ready, I couldn’t wait any longer to publish it. Beneath the Shadows of Evil… Taken has gone to the publisher and will be live in a couple of days, most likely late Tuesday or Wednesday. This is the first book of three in the series. The others will be released May 1st, 2013 and July 1st, 2013. So hurray! This was a long time in coming.

Dark Obsessions

My new collection of BDSM erotica is now available on Amazon. This book has Female/female pairings, and is of the same type, meaning kinky short stories, as the BDSM erotic short stories in Sweet Agony.  If you enjoyed Sweet Agony, I hope you’ll give Dark Obsessions a try. Wouldn’t it make the perfect stocking stuff for the kinky ebook readers on your list?

“Sweet Agony” Is Now Live & Ready To Download!

“Sweet Agony“ is now live and ready to download! It will be free later this weekend; but if you can’t wait, it’s available now. You can click here to download the book. “Lessons of Love“, my historical romance, will also have a free day this weekend if you happened to miss the last time it was free.