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Plot Bunnies Running Through Your Head

If you were a Plot Bunny, what would you look like? My wife uses that phrase, and I can picture rabbits jumping about in a thought bubble near her. If Jolynn needs a break from writing to try to get ideas, sometimes she will lay down in the dark like she is going to take a nap and has the sound machine on. Then she’ll pop back up after while and trot over to where I am to let me know that she’s going to write. Her special spot to write is in our bedroom sitting propped up in bed with the laptop and the cats on the bed with her. There is no talking at this time of course. 

I’m curious what other writers Plot Bunnies look like in their mind. (I know it’s a weird question, but most creative people are a bit weird.) What do you do that inspires you to write? Do you have a special spot that you write your stories, or is it just at your desk?

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Once a wild brat that couldn’t be tamed, I have been in a 24/7 DD, D/s relationship since July 14, 2011. We had a collaring ceremony lead by Mistress Joanne and attended by friends. I’m only submissive to Jolynn. Every day I run our business, and anything else so Jolynn can write her books in peace and quiet when she has time. I am the housewife, secretary, publicist, pet parent, and doer of good deeds, squirrel, and fueled by caffeine. Redbull gives me wings to fly through the internets. It is my drink of choice, and it's what's for breakfast. I tend to put my foot in mouth, and will say things without thinking; so if I offend anyone, it's not intentional. I am blunt and to the point, and don't have an inner monologue. According to Jolynn, I don’t have an off button. She keeps trying to find it on the top of my head. I have an off the wall sense of humor; more often than not I am impulsive, a little loud, and sometimes obnoxious. But that's just me.

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2 thoughts on “Plot Bunnies Running Through Your Head

  • Jolynn Raymond

    My plot bunnies are usually ideas that need to be wrangled but it’s like cat herding. Then all hell ensues when the characters in my head begin to talk through dialog which can make my need to be wrangled bunnies have even more power to dance about. It’s all very crazy in my head sometimes I find Beauty’s idea of them milling about in thought bubbles very amusing. Oh what a place this would be if the bunnies got loose.

  • jezebellydancer

    To me, plot bunnies are those ideas that you just can let go of until you write them down. I rarely get them, they are very elusive creatures to me. I have plenty of characters running around in my head looking for a story, but finding a plot is the hard part for me.