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24/7 vs. the Real World 7 comments

24/7 vs. the Real World   In this corner (pan to your right) we have the most magnificent leather clad Mistress, who can dominate her submissive with a single glance. And in this corner, (pan to your left) we have the somewhat harried looking, stressed out, and exhausted woman who just started a new job in the ‘real world’ and feels like she doesn’t have a dominant bone in her body, and doesn’t care to have one. Who will win this battle of strength/exhaustion, or will the two contenders find a way to merge their split personalities? Seriously, though, I feel like I’m torn in in half and must say goodbye to my dominant half because my new job has me crazy busy and completely exhausted 24/7 rather than being the dominant I want and need to be 24/7. Let me add a disclaimer that Beauty does not need to […]