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J.M. Dabney’s Club Revenge Book Tour

J.M. Dabney’s Club Revenge Book Tour Thank you Jolynn for letting me share my novel with you today. Club Revenge (Dysfunction at its Finest, Book 1) is a Dark Fantasy Paranormal with hints of horror. I primarily write Lesbian Fiction/Romance, yet I enjoy writing the darker and sometimes gorier stories. In CR I was able to let my love of carnage and inappropriate humor off the leash. This book along with the others to follow are the stories I’ve always wanted to tell. The Medina-Jackyl family made me cry, maniacally cackle and roll my eyes. The Asylum Residents aka The Family forgot I’m supposed to be the Warden as they tended to take over—outlines be damned. In CR layers are peeled back, exposing depths of pain, rage, and love until it reveals all their secrets. Contained within the pages of CR exist conspiracy theories, Dark Age prophesies, cults, shifters, vampires, […]