Our Wedding Rewind, or Jolynn and Beauty are Getting Married… Again. 3 comments

Our Wedding Rewind, or Jolynn and Beauty are Getting Married… Again.


Jolynn and Beauty are getting married you say? I thought they did that already.

My lovely wife tells me that people are confused over our upcoming nuptials. Beauty has posted our ceremony, we have spoken of hunting for dresses, and we have pictures from a ceremony that took place back in 2011, so I completely understand the confusion. Let me sort things out for you.

During the summer of 2011 Beauty and I had a ceremony which we referred to as a wedding and collaring ritual. It bound us together forever as Mistress and submissive, but the wedding side of it wasn’t legally binding in our state at the time because of this idiotic and narrow minded ban on same sex marriage. What we really had was only a Legal Domestic Partnership joining. The collaring was and is set in stone for two forevers, but the whole domestic partnership thing only offered us some of the rights married couples are afforded despite the feeling of always in our hearts.

We went to the courthouse, filled out the ton of paperwork, showed our birth certificates and divorce certificates from past marriages and did the dance the heterosexual couples did including paying the same license fee, but were given our piece of paper in a plain brown envelope, not one with wedding bells on it like the hetero folks got. Don’t even get me started on that! I’m not saying our legal domestic partnership status meant nothing, but it was not a wedding in the eyes of the state, and we wanted to be married.

Now the wheels of time and common sense have turned, and we can be married all the way. We are holding another ceremony with pomp and circumstance even though we already had one for a number of reasons. The first is because it sure as hell is reason to celebrate. Secondly, our first ceremony contained the act of a formal BDSM collaring complete with Beauty kneeling at my feet and such, so our families were not there with us. Our kink family attended and it was beautiful, but the Queen Mother, Beauty’s boys, and some of our other vanilla loved ones were excluded. Now days our BDSM relationship is no secret, but that is beside the point. Thirdly, our first ritual was very private and held at a rental property in the country, and this one will be held at the beautiful Lazy Cloud B&B in Lake Geneva. It is a PUBLIC place, so we can say to the world that we, two women who love each other, are getting married. Hooray, and be happy for us. We aren’t shoving our marriage down anyone’s throat. The proprietors are very happy we chose the Lazy Cloud, same sex and all, but we will be outdoors in a garden for everyone to see.

Just like any wedding couple, we will speak our vows in front of our loved ones and the world. Just like any wedding couple, we will give each other rings that represent a never-ending circle of our love for each other. Just like any other wedding couple we will say “I do.” and kiss, and just like any wedding couple we will enjoy the hoopla, merriment, and elation that comes on the special day you take another for your own.

 “I Jolynn take thee Beauty to be my lawfully wedded wife.” Such simple words, but ones denied us for so long. The ceremony will be very special, and I’ll probably cry. You see, I’ve waited a long time to take the love of my life for my all the way wife. So yes, we are getting married again, and we are planning a beautiful celebration to honor our love. It’s as it should be, and no one can tell us we aren’t wife and wife any longer.

~ Jolynn ~

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