Beauty’s Book Review: Better Sex In No Time by Josey Vogels

Better Sex cover
Better Sex In No Time by Josey Vogels ~ An Illustrated Guide for Busy Couples 

Beauty’s Book Review

Disclaimer: As usual my opinion is always my own for my book reviews. A paperback book was given to me by the good folks at Cleis Press so I could read in comfort and not stare at a screen; ie: my iPad.

So to start, I have never read anything by Josey Vogels, so I wasn’t sure of her writing style and if the book would appeal to me since it is more aimed at male/ female pairings. Also that couple might be super busy with work and kids, and they did a lot of texting and emailing to keep in touch besides Twittering at each other. Her Amazon Author page is not as complete as her search results on Amazon, so you need to check back to keep up with what she is writing next. 

As people may already know, {my kids tell me} I’m a lesbian since Jolynn and I are a ‘married’ couple, we own a home, and have a dungeon in the basement. DD D/s is our thing, so I am always trying to do the little things that make Jolynn’s life and home her special place to be. Plus, I have my four sheets of paper stapled together with my expectations and rules and what I should be doing with my time during the day. 

One of our bedtime rituals is that I get the bed set up for her, like turning on the mattress pad so it’s nice and toasty and getting out her large cold pack to put on her head so she doesn’t hot flash, and having hot honey water by the bed to take her pills. Abbey the cat tries to horn in at this time to jump on the bed on Jolynn’s head. So after I lay my head on her chest after I’ve kissed her the first time, I will kiss her again, and take the cat with me for a butt scratch. That’s when the pets all want to eat and get under foot wanting attention, so it takes at least a good half an hour or more to get everyone settled again.

The book got more interesting for me when I got up to the chapter five titled Getting NakedJosey does give good detailed suggestions on things to do and sexy games to play with each other. In the chapters before, I was giggling at some since I’m not a dude. You have to read it to know what I’m talking about. The woman can write some hot descriptions for things to do and the book will keep your interest. You might even need to fetch your Hitachi while you are reading her book. I liked this quote: “Flirting is romance’s naughty cousin“.  There is a chapter on Touch, and then Mastubation. Since you’ve already got your Hitachi ready, you can take it for a spin. 

For you BDSM people, in her Time to Play, for one hour or less, there is one called The Silent Treatment. Your sub could be on speech restriction and this would work out for you. How do I know this? I’ve had on my lanyard multiple times with my sign indicating that I’m not allowed to talk. People have seen me at Madtown Kinkfest with it on, and when we’ve had parties. 

For you anal sex lovers, there is a whole chapter about it, written in great detail what you can do. That’s after the chapter called Union, which we would have to modify to use.  There are more chapters, but you will just have to read the book yourself, I can’t tell you everything! 


Below is an excerpt from the book in the chapter on Oral to get you in the mood. It’s something that I could wrap my lips around!


DESCRIPTION: A tried and true classic. She lies on her back with her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed. You lie on your stomach with your face between her legs. You can curl your arms under her bum cheeks and hook your hands around either hip for stability and support. Place a pillow under her bum to raise her pelvis so it is in line with your mouth.

Pros: Comfy for her. Also, if she masturbates like this, it will be a familiar position for her to achieve orgasm, potentially making it easier to get her there. A pillow under her hips will give your mouth better access. In this position, you can also lift your head and get a great view of her tummy, breasts and face and give her a big, wet smile to show her what a good time you’re having.

Cons: After a while, your neck will start to feel like you’ve been sitting too close to the stage all night. The pillow under her bottom will help but, if your neck starts to kink, let your hands step in for a moment and maybe do a few neck curls before putting your mouth back to work.

Variation: To make her vulva even more accessible, she pulls her knees up toward her chest, letting her legs fall open and tucking her hands under her knees to help hold them up. You may find it more comfortable to kneel and lower your mouth to her vagina using your arms as support. This way, your neck will be more aligned with your spine, alleviating potential neck strain.



Description: She sits with her bum shifted forward to the edge of the bed—or chair, countertop table—with her legs spread, feet resting fl at on the floor if they can reach. You kneel on the floor between her legs so that your face is at pelvis level. Place a pillow under your knees for comfort. Depending on the height of whatever she’s sitting on, you may need to lower your bum onto your heels. You can also sit cross-legged or with your legs stretched out in front of you and a pillow under your butt.

Pros: You don’t have to tilt your head, so it’s easier on your neck. She can look down and get a bird’s-eye view of the action and you can look up and make eye contact. You can reach up and touch her breasts (as well as her inner thighs or any other body parts within reach) while going down on her.

Cons: She may find it difficult to stay perched on the edge of whatever she’s sitting on for a long time. A pillow under her butt can help alleviate this. While you can easily access her clitoris in this position, her actual vagina is facing down, so you’ll have a harder time reaching it with your tongue.


  • If she’s sitting on the bed, she can lie back with her butt hanging slightly over the edge, making it easier to access her entire vulva with your mouth.
  • Depending on how flexible she is, have her sit on an armchair and draw her knees up, placing one foot on either arm, further opening herself up to you. If she can’t get her feet on the arms, she can pull her legs up and plant her feet wide apart on either side of the chair’s seat.

Or she can hook her legs over your shoulders, allowing her to gain some control by pulling you closer when she wants more pressure.

Better Sex - The Face Plant

Click on the picture to get a better view.


Description: You lie on your back on the bed or floor. She kneels, straddling your head so that she is perfectly positioned to lower herself over your mouth. For support, she can lean back and place her hands on the bed or lean forward and place her hands on the wall or bed frame.

Pros: She can move her pelvis back and forth and up and down across your tongue, giving her more control, grinding into you if she wants more pressure and pulling away if she wants a lighter touch. You get a wonderful lesson in what she likes without having to do or say anything. You also get a great view of her upper body writhing around on top of you.

Cons: It’s hard to move your tongue with a vagina sitting on it. She can lift her pelvis slightly so that you get a chance to show her some of your own moves. Place a pillow under your head so that you don’t have to strain your neck to reach. Breathing might be an issue if she gets really turned on and starts grinding more intensely against your mouth. Luckily, in this position your hands are free to wave a white flag or grab her hips and gently lift to let her know you need to come up for air.


  • She kneels facing your feet and leans forward with her hands fl at on the bed to support her upper body. You get a great rear view of her wiggling bottom as she slides her vagina over your mouth and tongue. Elevate your head with a pillow so you can comfortably taste her from behind.
  • You lie on your back across the bed with your head dangling slightly over the edge. She stands facing the bed and positions herself over your mouth (if your bed isn’t the right height, find something that is). You can move your mouth more easily because your head isn’t pinned to the bed and she can still move her pelvis back and forth across your mouth while getting a great view of your hot bod.



Description: She kneels on all fours or leans forward on her upper arms with her butt in the air. Depending on her height and yours, you can kneel, sit cross-legged or sit with your legs stretched out in front of you between her legs so your mouth is level with her vagina.

Pros: She enjoys the varied sensations of feeling your tongue and mouth from a completely different angle. You get a great rear view while going down on her. If she enjoys vaginal penetration with your tongue, this puts you in the best position to fulfill that desire.

Cons: With you back there and her facing forward, there’s little opportunity to make eye contact. While this position gives you great access to her vagina, unless you have a Gene Simmons tongue, you’re probably not going to have much luck reaching her clitoris from this angle. This problem is easily solved by using your fingers or a vibrator against her clit as your tongue has its way with her vagina.


  • If she gets tired on all fours, she can lie on her stomach with her legs spread and a pillow or two under her pelvis to raise her bum so you can still access her vagina from behind. You lie on your stomach between her legs and bury your mouth between them. If you need something to hold on to for stability, you can curl your arms under and around her thighs and use your hands to spread her butt cheeks for better access to her vagina.
  • She kneels on all fours (or supporting herself on her upper arms with her butt raised in the air) at the edge of the bed while you sit comfortably behind her in a chair.
  • You sit in a chair as she stands with her back to you and her legs spread on either side of you. She bends over at the waist, hands on the floor if she can reach or braced against the wall or on the seat of another chair in front of her, giving you front-row access.

Better Sex cover

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