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Why I Must Have Daily Lists and Rules #WickedWednesday 6 comments

Why I Must Have Daily Lists and Rules #WickedWednesday Every Saturday Marie Rebelle emails people that have signed up for email notifications, the prompt for the upcoming Wicked Wednesday post. The prompt this week is lists. Why must I have a daily, weekly, and monthly list? When my drug resistant depression is really bad I have problems remembering things I need to do. All I want to do is sleep and not be a person. Last July I had a med combo change to see if that would help any. It has, but I have problems the next day if I was up to all hours squirreling around on the internet. Other times I forget to do something because I went to do something else, and forgot what I was originally doing. My being in menopause does not help it either so, Jolynn keeps updated rules and she changes them […]

Beauty’s Book Review: Better Sex In No Time by Josey Vogels

Better Sex In No Time by Josey Vogels ~ An Illustrated Guide for Busy Couples  Beauty’s Book Review Disclaimer: As usual my opinion is always my own for my book reviews. A paperback book was given to me by the good folks at Cleis Press so I could read in comfort and not stare at a screen; ie: my iPad. So to start, I have never read anything by Josey Vogels, so I wasn’t sure of her writing style and if the book would appeal to me since it is more aimed at male/ female pairings. Also that couple might be super busy with work and kids, and they did a lot of texting and emailing to keep in touch besides Twittering at each other. Her Amazon Author page is not as complete as her search results on Amazon, so you need to check back to keep up with what she […]