Wicked Wednesday

Why I Must Have Daily Lists and Rules #WickedWednesday 6 comments

Why I Must Have Daily Lists and Rules #WickedWednesday Every Saturday Marie Rebelle emails people that have signed up for email notifications, the prompt for the upcoming Wicked Wednesday post. The prompt this week is lists. Why must I have a daily, weekly, and monthly list? When my drug resistant depression is really bad I have problems remembering things I need to do. All I want to do is sleep and not be a person. Last July I had a med combo change to see if that would help any. It has, but I have problems the next day if I was up to all hours squirreling around on the internet. Other times I forget to do something because I went to do something else, and forgot what I was originally doing. My being in menopause does not help it either so, Jolynn keeps updated rules and she changes them […]