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Still Kinky After All These Years 48 comments

Lady Taya and Jud – {Not Jolynn in the picture} Disclaimer: The story below sprang forth from a dinner conversation. We have not attended the BDSM Writers Con. That adventure happens this summer. I am choosing that particular venue because we are strangers there, and have discussed the fact that the DMs will need to be spoken to. Still Kinky After All These Years We have an old guy. I’ve written about him before because he is such an important part of our lives. He’s part friend, part counsel to the Queen, part play partner, and all family. He’s our Loyal Lesbian, our occasional chauffeur, someone we laugh with, go places with, and worry about. He’s getting up there in years and has a wealth of information and life stories jam packed inside that grey haired head. Someday he and I are going to sit down and write his biography […]