Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica – New Cover and Title for Primal Cravings

Carnal Passions: A Book of Anal Erotica

Due to Amazon having issues with my use of the term anal, they moved this book to the adult basement. This makes it harder to find. The book is still has the same content and is an anal erotic romance full of sizzling hot anal sex, but we’ll keep that under wraps by giving Primal Cravings a good disguise. Shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell.

{Updated Post July 19th, 2014}

Due to Amazon keeping the book in the basement no matter what the title is, Jolynn re-named it again to Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica. She said if it’s going to be in the basement of Amazon it might as well be anal, all the way anal. So it’s anal all the way. ~ Beauty

Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica

New cover and title for Primal Cravings {B00LHF9Z4Y}

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Book Blurb

After taking some needed time away from the kink scene to recover from a painful break up, Olivia is ready to return to the BDSM community. At a big kink event in Chicago, her friend drags her to a class on anal play. The last thing she expects as she sits down is to have her hard limit on anal sex challenged. 

Gideon is teaching All Things Anal when Olivia and Rachel take the only seats that are left, putting a woman he has long admired and desired in the front row. He sees the flush on Olivia’s cheeks as she watches him demonstrate the different types of play, and then spies her again that night, looking at him with intense scrutiny as he does a scene in the intimate room. 

Olivia is more surprised than anyone is about her new found interest in anal sex. She can’t believe how badly she wants Gideon to introduce her to the things she’s observed him do. After being certain that Olivia isn’t still vulnerable because of the break up with her Dom, and talking through her once steadfast limit on anal, Gideon agrees to teach her about the dark delights that can only be found with the primal act. 

Will Olivia discover the ecstasy she craves or will her adventure prove to be just as disgusting as she’s feared? Come along for a sizzling romance that will tantalize your most primal desires, as Olivia ventures into a place where all of her beliefs are challenged, and her heart becomes as captured as her passion. The question is, will Olivia capture Gideon’s heart as well? 

*Contains a how to guide for anal sex at the back of the book – The Anal Sex Tutorial

Make sure when you are searching for Jolynn’s books on Amazon, that you have it on ‘Books’ or ‘Kindle’ and not ‘All Departments’. 

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