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Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica – New Cover and Title for Primal Cravings

Due to Amazon having issues with my use of the term anal, they moved this book to the adult basement. This makes it harder to find. The book is still has the same content and is an anal erotic romance full of sizzling hot anal sex, but we’ll keep that under wraps by giving Primal Cravings a good disguise. Shhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell. {Updated Post July 19th, 2014} Due to Amazon keeping the book in the basement no matter what the title is, Jolynn re-named it again to Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica. She said if it’s going to be in the basement of Amazon it might as well be anal, all the way anal. So it’s anal all the way. ~ Beauty Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica New cover and title for Primal Cravings {B00LHF9Z4Y} Links for Amazon Marketplaces Amazon US Amazon Australia Amazon UK Amazon Canada  […]

Kink Toy Tuesday 8 comments

  It’s our first ever kinky toy Tuesday. Today I offer up for your inspection a solid impact toy made from repurposed tires. The handles is enhance with beautiful rope work and the business end is 8″ long and 4 ” wide. It delivers a very sound smack and leaves a sting that the one you are spanking will feel for a good while. Both side can be used, but the tread side of course would leave the most interesting bruising if your partner likes to admire their marks. This toy is guaranteed to get their attention and as an add bonus helps save the Earth by putting old tires to use. Now wouldn’t that feel good. Made by Giggleswitch Creations