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Four Long Years As A Fetlife Creep ~ One Man’s Journey 13 comments

4 long years as a Fetlife creep 1590 days ago I got my first Fetlife message. It said “Thanks for joining FetLife :)”. 87 days ago I got my second message. Today I let Fetlife know that I am in a relationship with a very cute female submissive. The whole process was so completely counter-intuitive, it took me over four years to figure out. I wanted to tell this story because we seem to be struggling to integrate male dominant newcomers. They seem especially prone to acting like creepy arseholes. I spent 4 years one click away from being that Fetlife creep. This is my story. Four years and three months ago I joined Fetlife and started reading profiles. The first thing I noticed was that no one wanted to be my friend and they kinda would rather I didn’t get in touch and if I did get in touch […]