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M is for Mushed

Mushed lips is the expression my wife wears when she is told something she doesn’t like. It is a cross between a pout and a pucker and is uniquely hers. I wonder if those mushed lips hold back a tongue that longs to stick out in defiance or simply stops a bit of sass that wouldn’t be in her bottom’s best interest. Be it either way or neither, it is an expression that speaks volumes, and is akin to wearing her heart on her sleeve. If I don’t know its cause, those mushed lips tell me she is sad, frustrated, or angry, and that I need to talk to her so I may find the reason for that telltale face.


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4 thoughts on “M is for Mushed ~ Mushed Lips #SpankA2Z

  • annapurna1951


    What a lovely post, ma’am. Yes, I know that expression well enough. It could be an invitation for closeness and dialog, or just a pout, a feigned misunderstanding that wants something a little more energetic. Dare I say whom better than you to give her what she needs regardless of the motive?

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      Oh we certainly get things figured out one way or another and then the proper course of action is taken. I agree that I am certainly the one who must take care of those lips for good or for bad.