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Jolie Hasn’t Learned Her Lesson Yet #SatSpanks

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog hop!  If you’re a reader who likes stories with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you.  We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don’t be stingy when you’re visiting.  Authors thrive on encouragement. ~~~~~~~~~~~ This week’s snippet comes from Lessons of Love once again. Cole is determined to tame his new bride, and this time he feels he’s succeeded, but only time will tell.       “I have been far too lenient. If I had punished you soundly last night this wouldn’t be necessary. You … are … to … remember … how … much … this … hurts … the … next … time … you … wish … to … be … disrespectful.” Each word was punctuated with a fall of his hand, and when he finally stopped, Jolie was sobbing and laying limp on his lap. He […]

New Guest Posts

New Guest Posts I wanted to say thank you to rdhdbtrfly  and to all my guest posters so far. They have opened themselves up in order to share the dynamics of their relationships. The newest guest post on polyamory by rdhdbtrfly explores relationships that buck the norm and are unconventional because they involve more that two people. I also want to thank my readers for being open to learning about how others do things. Everyone has been great, even if they may not feel the relationships presented are right for them. The overwhelming positive comments have been wonderful. The purpose of the guest posts is to educate and to increase tolerance, and that is just what is happening. Both my guest posters and my readers are showing me that we can learn and therefore better understand things that are different. I have an exciting line up of posts over the next couple of months and look forward to reading […]