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Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Gift Hop as we celebrate love, sex, and all things books!

The grand prize will be a Kindle Paperwhite and digital new adult romance basket. Every comment on every blog in the hop will count as an entry toward either of the grand prizes. If you are a reader of sexy romance, join us! Discover new authors and new review blogs to follow. Each stop has a prize of its own, like a book or a small gift card. You only have to leave a comment to enter.

The prizes for our blog stop at Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions will be that three winners will get their choice of one Kindle eBook copy of any of her books found here. Just comment below and leave your email address, and your name will be put in a drawing by and the winners will be notified on the 16th.

Make Her a Scrumptious Valentine

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the day of ultimate romance, and romance means different things to different people. Flowers are sweet, candy is yummy, cards can tug at heart strings, but sensual wicked play beats them all.


Prepare a special dinner for your love. Not just any dinner with candle light and music, a dinner where she will be put in a chair wearing nothing but a blind fold and silk scarves that bind her hands to the chair and ankles to the legs so she is spread before you. Serve her courses that stimulate, sweet ripe strawberries that you offer up for a bite followed by you running the juicy berry over her lips and nipples and then down to her navel, and then lick her clean, following the trail of juice back up to her lips once more. Any flavors will be heightened by the blindfold.

For dinner try asparagus freshly steamed, feed the spears one by one allowing the flavor to be savored and the shape of the spear to be sucked upon. They are said to be an aphrodisiac. If asparagus isn’t your thing, how about cooked baby carrots drizzled with brown sugar and butter that will make her lips even sweeter to kiss. Follow them up with ginger scallops. Rub her lips with one and then kiss the tingle caused by the ginger. Run it down between her breasts and then between the folds of her netherlips and around her clit. The ginger will cause a heat that you can lick away after it makes your lover more aroused.

Dessert can be all kinds of fun especially if you don’t mind messy. A cheap shower curtain liner placed under the chair she is sitting in will make for easier clean up. Whip cream, raspberry sauce applied with fingers or a silky brush, or perhaps hot fudge warmed in a crock pot. Add a bit of milk to make it creamier and always test the temperature before you begin to drizzle it over your lover’s body.

Even popsicles can be fun. Trace her body with one, around the nipples, inside their thighs, mix the cold sweet flavor with her juices of desire and suckle her until those tender places are warm. Cold popsicles and followed by your hot tongue everywhere causes a riot of sensations both inside and out. Make certain you’ve sucked on the popsicles so it is melted enough not to stick to warm tender skin. Kiss her lips after painting them with whatever comes to mind, finger paint with chocolate body paint, spray whip cream around places you want to lick clean. The possibilities are endless.

Throwing your lover down on top of the table and having wild sexy is of course hot and romantic, but so is a shower taken together to get rid of the sticky mess. Make it an erotic night full of surprises that arouse the senses as well as the body. Be bold, the blindfold and bindings will make it all the more delicious. Be creative, do the unexpected, but most of all, make her feel ever so desired.

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Let’s hop!

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