A Seductive and Savory Valentine Treat #DiningIn

 Dining In: An Erotic Food Play Story

Mia struggled as she came through the back door balancing three full bags of groceries. She dropped her keys as one of the bags threatened to spill, tightening her arm around it, as she tried to swing the door shut. She growled in frustration, as the bags began to slip, then kicked the door closed behind her instead. She reached the table just as the paper sack clutched in her fingers ripped, sending oranges rolling across the floor. She dumped the rest of the bags on the table with a curse and a grimace, then gathered up the wayward fruit and quickly put the food away, finally spying the note resting on the kitchen counter. Her expression turned from a scowl to one of delight as she read Ethan’s instructions.



Follow the trail of roses and read each message along the way. I have some surprises in store for you tonight, but you must obey my instructions. Now be my good girl, and go do as you’re told.




Mia grinned as her stomach muscles fluttered. Now what did he have planned? Well she was never one to refuse Ethan when he came up with one of his wickedly romantic ideas. They usually involved a lot of delightful playtime and mind blowing sex. “I’m game Ethan. Let’s see what you’ve been up to and what you have in mind.”

She slowly went up the stairs, pausing to pick up and smell each rose along the way, feeling a familiar tingle begin in her core at just the thought of her lover. She lightly ran one flower down her neck the over her breasts, pausing to stroke her nipples, before trailing it down to her stomach. She knew the night would hold many pleasures. Arousal at this point in the game was bound to lead to frustration, but she couldn’t help it. Ethan was a master when it came to erotic play.

“I’d better keep it together. There’s no telling how long before he gets home.” She stopped at the top of the stairs spying another rose and a note lying on the small hall table.


Take this rose and the others to our room, there’s a vase by the bed. Go and do it now before reading anymore…

That’s my girl. Now remove every stitch and pin up your hair. I want it up high, curls trailing down your neck. I plan to nibble every inch of you…

 Are you naked, pet? You better be. Caress your lovely tits and slip a finger inside that wonderfully sweet cunny of yours for a moment. Are you thinking of me? I’ve no doubt you’re already wet. Patience sweetheart, good things come to good girls.  Now go into the bathroom and do as you’re told.

Mia had done as instructed and silently padded on bare feet to the bathroom. The counter top was full of all sorts of new items. Candles, bottles, a tin of something, a tiny feather duster, two fancy chocolates on a plate, and a chilling bottle of champagne, the ice hardly melted.

“You’ve been here recently, haven’t you? Perhaps you’re watching me right now.” Mia glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the thought, another tingle shooting through her. There were two notes on the counter. She picked up the one that said “Read me first.”

My Sweet Girl,

You are to eat the chocolates and prepare a glass of champagne to drink during your bath. Light all the candles and turn off the lights. Fill the tub and add the wild clove bath gel. Relax and inhale the spicy scent as the warm water and bubbles lap at your breasts and nipples. Lather up the sponge and feel the warmth of the cloves spread over your body. Your skin will tingle like it does under my touch. As you wash yourself, I want you to close your eyes and whisper my name. Slide your hands over your tits and spread your pretty thighs for me kitten, feel the silky smoothness of the gel as you touch the body that belongs to only me. Say “These are Ethan’s breasts, this is Ethan’s cunny, my luscious bottom belongs to Ethan alone.” Feel my possession as you touch every part of yourself Mia, because you are mine. When you are done close your eyes, inhale the wonderful mixtures of scents around you, and think of all the nasty things I am going to do to you. Leave yourself a short while to prepare your body for me after your bath. I will be home at 7:00.



Mia did everything Ethan requested, luxuriating in the rich bubble bath. It warmed her skin as she washed herself, leaving her satiny smooth and tingling with a warmth inside and out. Speaking his claim out loud turned out to be an incredible turn on, and she had to resists the urge to let her fingers linger between her now swollen cunny lips as she washed herself. “I do belong to you Ethan. All of me does. I’m going to be ready to jump you the minute you get home, but I don’t think that will be allowed. You always make me be patient.” After her bath, Mia picked up the second note lying on the counter.

 My Mia,

Are you warm and silky smooth pet? I can’t wait to touch you, to make love to you. I have a very sensual evening planned for my girl tonight. You will cum for me pet, over and over, make yourself ready. You are to rub the ripe raspberry massage cream all over your body then paint your nipples with the Cherry Almond Love Oil. Do it now then come back to read this…

Are your nipples hard pet? Did the paintbrush feel good as it stroked your little buds? Tilt your breasts up and blow on the tips. Feel that… the oil heats up when you breathe upon it. I’m going to cover every inch of you with this oil tonight luv, then drive you wild blowing soft kisses upon your skin.

 Now brush the Honey Dust on your entire body with that little feather duster. Does it tickle? It’s edible, pet, and I plan on indulging my taste for sweet things. I shall lick it off nice and slowly. I want it everywhere, your neck and your adorable bottom, the insides of your thighs, between your fingers and toes, even your earlobes and the bottoms of your feet. Feel how soft your skin is. Your body is ready for me now pet. Are you? Are you wet? If I were there would I smell your arousal? Would I want to curl my tongue between your soft pussy lips and let your ambrosia flow into my mouth? So many things to taste and savor will be mine tonight.

 Now go back into the bedroom and put on the new dress in your closet and your shiny black fuck-me shoes, you know the ones that make me drool. No bra or panties tonight, just the simple silk of the gown next to your skin. I have great plans for you, pet and I want all of you accessible. We’re dining in. Light the candles downstairs and wait for me in the living room.

Be wet for me,


Mia finished the note and sighed. What a wicked, wicked man he was. God she was hot. She went to the bedroom and slipped the dress over her head, luxuriating in the feel of the whisper soft material caressing her skin. The dress was a mere slip of a thing in a shimmering forest green silk that brought out the deep hue of her eyes. It ended just above mid-thigh, baring her lean tanned legs. She rose on her toes and did a small pirouette in front of the mirror, feeling sexy and oh so turned on. She felt so incredibly decadent. Prepared like a concubine in a harem for her sultan. She glanced at the clock. Only fifteen minutes until Ethan came home.

Mia went downstairs and made her way around the house, marveling at the sheer number of candles scattered about. She lit them and soon a sensual blend of their fragrances filled the air. Five minutes left. Mia hurried to the couch and perched on the edge, her stomach a bundle of nerves. Every inch of her skin was alive, dying for Ethan’s skillful touch. She licked her lips and pinched her hard nipples, moaning softly. Two more minutes. She made one more quick pass through the house to make sure she hadn’t missed any candles and was just returning to the front room when she heard Ethan’s key in the lock. Mia turned, eyes bright, biting her lower lip as her wicked lover came through the door.

Ethan looked her up and down, eyes raking over every inch of her, peeling away the flimsy dress and boring into her soul. She felt the trickle of her arousal wet her thighs, along with the sensations from the mixture of spices she’d rubbed into her skin. He tossed his jacket over the rail of the stairs and strode towards her slowly, eyebrow cocked, tongue pressed behind his top teeth curling in that oh so lewd way, before stopping just out of reach.

“You look positively luscious Mia. I might have to eat you. Come give me a kiss.” Mia gave him a flirtatious smile and twirled on her toes once more, causing the skirt of her dress to flow up and out, exposing her bare bottom and cunny for the briefest of moments.

“Now I know I’m going have to eat you, pet. Did you do as you were told?”

Mia nodded, biting her lower lip as she trailed her fingers down her neck; then lightly danced them over her nipples before cupping her breasts, outlining them beneath the thin silk, offering them up for her lover as her hips swayed. Ethan’s eyes darkened, the deep brown becoming almost black, and a low growl of possession erupted from deep within him. He caught Mia by the hips and roughly pulled her to him, his hardening cock pressing into her stomach.

“Were you good my little Mia? Were you a good girl who did as she was told?”

Mia smiled but didn’t reply, instead she slipped a finger into his mouth. Ethan suckled it, his talented tongue swirling around and around the single digit like it was his last meal causing a powerful heat to build between Mia’s thighs. Her eyes became hooded, and a little moan of desire slipped from her lips. Ethan went on leisurely licking all traces of the honey dust off before backing up a bit and holding her finger trapped between his teeth. He bit softly and smirked at her around it.

“Do I taste like I was a good girl Ethan? Perhaps you need to sample some more of me?”

“Such a teasing little slut. Perhaps I need to warm your backside.”

Despite his words, Ethan took her hand in his and proceeded to suckle each finger. “Taste like honey and Mia, pet. Sweetness, passion, and naughtiness. The nectar of the Gods.”

Mia never dreamed that his mouth on her hand could be so incredibly erotic. He laved each finger, lovingly, thoroughly, building her passion from just this small touch. When his tongue began to trace circles on her palm she moaned out loud and threw her head back, baring her neck, inviting her lover to bite, to taste her completely. Ethan, seeing the tantalizing flesh of her throat, had to rein in his desire. He wanted nothing more than to lick and nibble his way from her fingertips to her delicious neck then down her entire body, but that could wait. She would be his again tonight, just as she would be for a thousand nights to come, and he had other, more sensual ideas.

“As much as I would love to strip you bare and devour you right here on the floor, I have other plans pet. Come sit.”

Mia sighed and stuck her lower lip out in a pout. Ethan gave her a swat on the bottom in response. “Only naughty girls pout, love. Perhaps you are in need of a spanking before we continue. Shall I toss you over the arm of the sofa and paddle your lovely ass?”

Mia paused to consider his words with a mischievous look in her eye. Spankings were yummy as long as he wasn’t truly punishing her. She crooked an eyebrow and gave him a smirk that rivaled one of his, as her pink tongue darted out to lick her lips. Spankings really could be good, they could be very good.

“Mia” The word was said with a warning growl. Mia responded by mumbling under her breath about the bossiness of lovers. Ethan’s eyes flashed fire as he shook her fiercely. “There had better be only one lover on your mind pet. You’re mine.” His teeth latched onto her neck, biting hard, stilling her as she gasp, his strong arms wrapping tightly around her, letting her know without a doubt just who she belonged to.

“Now behave yourself, or there will be no cumming later, my little minx.”

The words were said against her skin, and Mia had to pant for breath. Ethan suckled his way up her neck, then licked and nibbled behind her earlobe, making Mia shiver. Her legs turned to putty as warmth spreading through her, spiraling in her lower belly. He bathed the sensitive spot until she was mewling and weak, then took her by the hand and led her to the dining room table. Pulling out her chair, he seated her quickly, running his hands down her bare shoulders and arms before standing back to admire what was his.

Her cheeks were flushed, and her nipples shown like hard little pebbles under the thin silk of her dress. Ethan wanted to taste them, to rub in more cherry oil and blow soft kisses upon her sensitive peaks, knowing the oil would heat up the delectable little berries until she was crying out for him to touch her. Golden wisps of hair tumbled loose down the slender column of her neck, enticing his mouth yet again. Her eyes had darkened with passion into a deep shade of moss green, her lips were glossed and kissable. Ethan knew every inch of his beautiful girl would burst with flavor under his tongue before the night was over.

“You look stunning love. Are you hungry?”

“For you.”

“Patience Goldilocks. You have many things to savor tonight. I’m only one of them. Besides, you’re going need to keep up your strength.” The smirk he gave her was one full of wicked promises and Mia opened her mouth to question him, but Ethan silenced her with a finger to her lips. “Ah, ah, ah, I told you to be patient. Close your eyes.”

Mia did as he asked and felt the whisper soft caress of a silk scarf being tied over her eyes. Her eye brows shot up in question again and Ethan chuckled as they hovered over the scarf before once again disappearing.

“Ethan what?”

“I have many surprises in store for you tonight Mia, and they’ll be more fun this way. Now just sit here and think wicked delicious thoughts. No moving, or I’ll tie your hands. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” She felt his breath blowing a cool breeze upon her neck moments before he nibbled her ear, then shivered as his tongue curled around her earlobe. “Umm, sweet as honey, and all for me.”

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