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The Do Me Sub 6 comments

  The Do Me Sub   When having a conversation with other dominants or reading the posts on the Fetlife Mistress forum, the subject of the ‘do me sub’ always pops up. The ‘do me’ submissive does exist with women submissives, and I know men deal with this on occasion, but as a whole, women are more pliable and accepting of learning their dominants wants and needs. It is for this reason that in my opinion it is a bigger factor when female dominants are searching for a male submissive. I do not think the concept is due to men being more selfish in relationships, I think it is because men don’t really understand what it is a mistress really is looking for in a submissive. I am going to outline what it is I would seek in several different categories of submissives. This is not an ad for a submissive. I am […]