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Sotia Lazu’s New Book — “Passionate” — Release Date October 1st

James Williams, happily married man and famous writer, has been harboring fantasies featuring his stepson’s girlfriend for a while. Beth Knowles has been insanely attracted to her boyfriend’s stepfather since the first time she saw him. When the two finally give in to their forbidden passion, they expect it to be a one-time thing, no feelings involved. They’re wrong. Through nine sexual encounters, develops a relationship that should never have existed. NOTE: Passionate is the first book in Sotia’s Erotica line, Lush. Despite the romantic elements, it is not really a romantic story. The main characters are not nice. They let their desires rule them. They cheat and lie and don’t really care about the feelings of others or the consequences, unless those directly affect them. Passionate will be available for purchase on October 1st.  Excerpt “You didn’t get your beer.”He could hear her coming closer. “Changed my fucking mind.” “Mr. Williams?” […]