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Shitty Internet? Why Would I Want That? 1 comment

Shitty Internet? In November I switched providers from Uverse to Time Warner Cable. I wanted broadband for speedy internet since I’m always on the computer and I work online quite a bit. The signal was dropping everyday, I couldn’t get online if we were in the basement or even the kitchen when I needed to, especially when I was working on the website. The signal couldn’t go around walls to get to where I wanted to be in the house. I had the cable guy come over this month, he was telling me that I didn’t need a new modem and there is nothing wrong with it, and it should do everything I need and want it to do. Of course I had¬†quite a bit to say about that, and I knew what I needed and why. In the end, he had to restring all the cable on the outside […]