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Seriously? Kinky People Use Special Manners? 2 comments

Seriously? Kinky People Use Special Manners? by Jolynn Raymond Consider this a public service announcement on etiquette. I know I have written on the subject of what newbies into kink need to know, and I also know I’ve mentioned manners, but as new people arrive in my kink community every day, this needs to be addressed so those who are not in the know can be enlightened. If you’re poking around on Fetlife or Collarspace (<— Not a good place), you need manners even though those you meet on Collarspace may very well not be who they say. Collarspace is not a great go to place to meet real people into kink. Sorry, I could regress for hours on that evil. What I want you to know is: When approaching a woman on the internet be they a submissive or a dominant. DON’T hit on them with purely sexual emails, […]