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Beauty’s Book Review ~ Best Bondage Erotica 2015 #CleisPress

  Best Bondage Erotica 2015   From The Back Cover: Knotty Tales of Kinky Sex Powerhouse eroticist Rachel Kramer Bussel is at the vanguard of this new era of BDSM erotica. Always a step ahead of the zeitgeist, this award-winning editor knows your private fantasies even before you do. In these kinky tales, bondage happens as part of yoga, knitting and a birthday present, as well as with a collar, a cage, duct tape, a webcam, and a very sexy pair of thighs. In the foreword Annabel Joseph says, “To me, short stories and bondage go together as perfectly as subject and rigger, as top and bottom, as Mistress or Master and slave.” In Rob Rosen’s “Tying the Knot,” the bondage goes a little wild but there’s sweetness to this engagement story that tethers the protagonists close to each other. In “Bound to Lie” by Nichelle Gregory, two business adversaries […]

The Power of A Whisper #Genderfluid 3 comments

Due to an ugly incident in a Facebook group, I have decided to repost the article I wrote for the Hop Against Homophobia. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, gender fluid, transsexual, and many more. The point is people who feel one gender, but their body is another should be respected. It is their choice, their feelings, their decision. I do not know the pain of feeling I am in the wrong body. Whether one cross dresses, presents themselves as male or female with parts that don’t match, love persons of the same sex, or are brave enough and have the resources to change their body to match who they are, it is their right to state and request how they wish to be addressed. I would never use the male name of a friend who lives as a female. I would never tell someone that they can go […]