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TIH Golden Flogger It’s A Major Award! The Golden Flogger Award

I am excited and thrilled to announce that Taken in Hand; my nonfiction book on domestic discipline and power exchange relationships is nominated for best Non-Fiction BDSM book of the year for 2015. The nomination is for the Golden Flogger Award, which recognizes the best BDSM books in both fiction and nonfiction. The awards ceremony will take place in New York City during the BDSM Writers Convention in August.

Golden Flogger Award -- Nominee

This nomination feels wonderful, because Taken in Hand, was written to help people navigate the turbulent waters of D/s and DD relationships. I know how much communication and work any power exchange relationship involves because my wife and I live it every day. By sharing how Beauty and I do things, it is my intent to help others develop the structure that is so critical when creating and sustaining a D/s or DD union. Taken in Hand is meant as a step by step guide for others to follow and use while cultivating their power exchange relationship. I want others to learn from our successes, our blunders, and the pitfalls we inevitably face while sustaining our DD bond 24/7.

I wish to thank whomever nominated Taken in Hand. It feels wonderful to know that someone holds my book in such high regards. Beauty and I are very excited and can’t wait to attend the BDSM Writer’s Convention, as well as the awards ceremony at the end of August. New York City here we come!


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Writer of historical paranormal romance, kinky historical romance, and BDSM Mistress and Sex Blogger. I hold the position of being one of Kinkly's Top 100 Sex Bloggers. Two of my books, Taken in Hand A Guide to Domestic Discipline and His Lordship's Wayward Wife, have been nominated as best BDSM Non Fiction and Best BDSM Historical books of the year. The awards ceremony will take place at the BDSM Writers Con in New York City this August.

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