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Merry, as in Christmas #WickedWednesday 8 comments

Merry, as in Christmas Merry grumbled as she got out of the sleigh on the roof of yet another upscale condominium, tugged at the hem of her cherry red liquid latex dress, and walked to the chimney, resigned to the fact it was going to be a long night. She’d drawn the short straw at the family gathering this year and won the oh so joyous job of taking care of all the naughty adults on her great Grandfather Christmas’ list. While it was true she wasn’t one who hated to dole out discipline when it was needed, the whining many of the ill mannered, obnoxious, and wealthy grown ups who scored a spot upon it did, was truly annoying. Most deserved to be there in spades and yet had serious issues taking responsibility for their bad choices. Giving the very short and sexy dress one more tug, Merry did […]