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Sexy Recipes for Sunday – Aftercare Meatloaf 1 comment

Aftercare Meatloaf {This is my recipe that I adapted from a relative when I was in my twenties.} One day after Jolynn and our Loyal Lesbian were done playing, I served them my meatloaf. Jud was all wrapped up in my warm pink robe and had his legs and feet covered by a blanket. He was relaxing on our recliner in the living room eating his meatloaf with dove dark chocolates and milk. So after that we just called it my Aftercare Meatloaf, and he doesn’t pass up a chance to have a good dinner at our house.  Ingredients: Doubled recipe below, but you can always adjust it to the way you want it. 2 eggs 2 cups of catsup 2 cups of oatmeal – I use Quaker’s Instant Oatmeal and not the longer cooking kind. Otherwise, it doesn’t seem like it cooks the oatmeal enough to me. 1 packet […]