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K is for the Kiss of Leather #SpankA2Z 3 comments

K is for Kiss   My wife knows not what she will feel when I bind her to the cross because she is always blindfolded. Will it be the soft and sweet feel of my kisses trailing down her body, my lips touching the spot behind her ear or the places at the top of each shoulder that make her wet? My lips find all the sweet places upon her body and mouth when we play, but those are always mixed with the other kind of kisses I give.   The kiss of the leather upon her skin comes from floggers, straps, crops, and paddles. What will I use? Where will I use it? The floggers rise in intensity from the bunny fur one to the ones that are heavier, soft elk to stinging braided falls. The leather slappers mix the good with the harsh upon breast, bottom, and smooth […]